Ask Mike

For almost three years now, while my other responsibilities have prevented me from updating the main blog as I would wish to, I’ve been adding material to this site on a new page, “Ask Mike,” which you can access via the menu above.

This page contains original material I’ve contributed to AskHistorians, the world’s biggest and busiest public history site. The contents are slightly less rigorously researched and written than the material on the main site – which is why I’ve been able to keep up some sort of contribution to AskHistorians – but the questions I’ve tackled are very much in line with the sort of content you’d expect to find on A Blast from the Past.

I’ll be getting back to more regular posting here in 2019  2020 2021, but for now there’s somewhere in excess of 100,000 words of fascinating history posted on the Ask Mike page, and I hope that it will help to keep you going during the main blog’s hiatus. You can access more answers I’ve posted to the AskHistorians site here as well.

See you soon.