They said it…

“Shows how history, when it is well-written and well-researched, leaves today’s trendy servings of fact mulched with fiction for dead.”

The Australian

“Cracking history… Mike Dash brings a confident organisation to his material, a rapid grasp of both personality and circumstance, and a bold eye for significant detail.”

Daily Telegraph

“Mike Dash has carved a fine place for himself among historians of the hauntingly bizarre.”

Andrew Roberts

“No history I’ve read in years places you so deeply inside a piece of the past.”

National Geographic Adventure

“Dash writes elegantly, with a deep understanding of history. His depictions are dramatic and comprehensive, and the depth of his research is to a level rarely seen in books intended for a general audience.”

The Age of Sail

“‘Dazzling… Dash has an unusual talent for the telling detail… His prose is precise, functional – but beautiful.”

La Nueva España

“Fascinating… tantalizing… richly researched… This is what history writing should be.”

Boston Phoenix

“History doesn’t get much more readable.”

New York Daily News

‘Dash writes the best kind of history: detailed, imaginative storytelling founded on vast knowledge.’

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“An indefatigable researcher with a prodigious descriptive flair.”

Sunday Telegraph

“An excellent blog about bizarre and interesting tidbits of history, thoroughly researched and captivating reading.”

Science Tumbled

“Dash writes with unabashedly cinematic flair, backed by meticulous research.”

New York Times

“We need more history picks, I admit — but that doesn’t mean we “shun” the category… One blog I especially like in the history category is A Blast From the Past, from pro writer Mike Dash…”

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