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I’m acutely aware that another period of several months has passed since I last posted an update on A Blast from the Past. Truth is, I have a major book project in the works – but I am still working on numerous blog posts, some of which will begin appearing here very soon.

In the meantime, though, I’ve not been entirely idle. I’ve begun haunting AskHistorians, one of the few really credible and useful Reddit sites – a strictly moderated forum where users can and do post questions and get answers to a stunningly wide variety of queries from an equally wide variety of experts. The sort of questions that crop up on this subreddit say quite a lot about what really intrigues and engages the average reader of history – as opposed to, say, the typical university academic. And it won’t surprise you too much to know that the questions that have been engaging my attention concern very much the same sorts of topics that would make great posts for this blog. The attraction of dealing with them at AskHistorians, rather than here, is that it’s a far less formal forum – I can pick and choose which subjects to tackle, and then answer questions more quickly and, if I’m honest, with writing that’s several degrees less demandingly structured, phrased and thought through than I’d normally consider needful here.

To give you a taster of these topics – and hopefully help to keep you reading while I’m at work elsewhere – I’m going to post a sample of the most self-contained, complete responses on a new page on this blog, Ask Mike. You can see a tab linking to it at the top of the page.

Do take a look. I plan to update the page several times a month – the most recent responses will appear at the top.

2 thoughts on “Ask Mike

  1. Hello, Mike! I have saved your blog post about “ The bodies in the bogs” until today! I knew I would need some time to and quiet space to read it fully. Splendid work, Mike! I grew up in England, in East Anglia, where bogs and chalk mines were thrilling and frightening places we played as children! Thank you for your most wonderful research with clever and insightful commentary. Looking forward to reading “King, magician, general…slave: Eunus and the First Servile War against Rome” later today!

  2. I found your blog linked from an AskHistorians post, and I’m a big fan. So far it has gotten you two book sales, with probably more to come.

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